Enthusiastic gardeners who like to grow their own plants from seed will find Clacton Garden Centre offers a comprehensive range.

A wide selection from various quality seed suppliers including Thompson & Morgan, Suttons, Kings Crown and the specialist exhibition varieties of W Robinsons (including the legendary ‘Mammoth Onion’). An impressive range of ornamental flower seeds including wild flowers is complemented by vegetable, herb, sprouting seeds and green manures.

To help with seed raising a variety of seed trays, propagators, and cell trays by manufacturers such as Stewart Plastics, Plantpak and Arthur Bowers are available, as are soil warming cables, labels, marker pens and seed sowers.

We also stock a variety of seasonal flower bulbs from O A Taylor & Sons and for the kitchen gardener seed potatoes, onion sets, shallots, garlic, rhubarb etc.